iTech Cellular offers several Corporate Protection Plans  and special per repair rates to fit your company needs. Fill out the form below and a sales representative will contact you shortly.

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    Let iTech Help You With all of Your Business Repair Needs And See For Yourself Why Top Companies Are Choosing iTech Cellular!

    More and more businesses rely on their iPads everyday for their salesman, business meetings, and point of sales systems. iTech Cellular specializes in iPad repairs for schools and businesses. Our service will get your business back up and running in a fast and timely manner. Ask about our ‘Screen Protection Plan’ to see how we can save your business thousands in costly insurance plans and deductible fees.

    “At iTech Cellular you are going to get great prices and hands on customer service.”

    Shipping and Payment Options

    Our shipping process is very easy and simple to use. Rest assured, your business device repair will be packaged and shipped back to you safely and securely. We offer Net 30 and Net 60 terms for all businesses and companies. If you need to pay by credit or debit card that option is also available.


    Fast Turn Around Time

    Whether you are shipping your iPad, cellphone, or other mobile device to us, dropping it off, or scheduling a local pick-up and drop off service, our turnaround time is extremely fast. We understand the importance of getting the device back in the hands of your employees and partners in a timely matter. Repair time varies by the amount of devices to be fixed.

    Customer Service

    Professional and friendly service makes dealing with iTech Cellular a pleasant experience. We can turn a bad day into a good day. iTech Cellular has a proven track record working with major companies throughout the country and many schools throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

    Satisfied Customers