Every college student knows their computer is like their lifeline, it gets used every day, all day, for writing papers, answering emails, setting up meetings, and that’s just the coursework side of things. If this sounds like how you use your computer you’re setting yourself up for crashes and maybe even failure. Use these five methods to ensure proper maintenance, and your computer will be in top shape for your next semester.

1. Software maintenance
If you use your computer every day, chances are you rarely close every window and nor do you shut down the machine. Computers need a chance to rest, and a reboot also clears the memory (RAM). While many machines have reminders and notifications about updates, it’s important to shut down all your programs and reboot your machine almost every day. Software maintenance will ensure that your programs function properly and will save you from those crashes that erase your whole research paper or project.

2. Repairs
There are times when the computer breaks, whether it’s the screen, keyboard, track pad or battery. The screen is one of the most important parts of your computer, and while you may get by with a cracked or malfunctioning screen, between semesters is a great time to get your Macbook screen repair once and for all. Some students work with missing keys and repurpose a lesser used one, but to get the most use out of your computer it’s important that it be fully functioning and fixed. Replacing keys or correcting a sticky or damaged track pad can be done within a few days and will give you time to readjust before classes start again.

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3. Back up your machine
So many students lose all their work, especially during high stress times, because they forget to back up their machine. Most backups only take a few hours, but with the time demands the end of a semester brings, it’s easy to forget to back up and get out of the routine. Backing up can make or break your grades if you aren’t careful or are working with a dated machine. Routine backups onto an external hard drive or with third party software can save you from losing progress when time is the most precious.

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4. Hard drive clean up or upgrade
Along with not shutting down your machine regularly and forgetting to back up, the hard drive also needs to be cleaned up from time to time. The hard drive stores everything and anything, which can lead to it filling up and running slower or crashing frequently. Cleaning up your hard drive can be as simple as moving older documents to an external hard drive or using software to remove bugs. CC Cleaner should be run at least once a week. Clearing your cache is also very important to keeping your system running smooth. If you can’t move documents or delete outdated software, the hard drive may need to be upgraded so you have more space.

iTech Cellular tip: Hard drive replacements and virus removals are popular services we offer. Don’t feel like you have to get a new machine just because it crashed or won’t start, our services commonly restore order to machines that you aren’t ready to replace.

5. Organize your machine
Computers get messy, between vague file names and saving everything to the desktop, in between semesters is a great time to organize your machine. Using folders for classes or semesters is a great way to sort your files. Don’t fill your desktop with all your documents and files, this slows down the computer on startup. The desktop is great for the most important items, and if you’re used to saving to the desktop try using a semester folder instead so everything is one place.
This is also a great time to remove previous semesters from your computer and onto a flash drive or external hard drive, which will free up space and increase your computer’s performance.

With these tips your computer will be ready for the next semester in no time. iTech Cellular provides a variety of computer repair services in New Jersey that can help restore your computer to like-new status and will make your next semester run much smoother. For things like simple accessory repairs to hard drive replacement, back up, and recovery iTech Cellular provides excellent customer service, quick turnaround, and offers FREE diagnostics on all computer repairs.

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  • Jordan says:

    Great tips here. You always want your computer to work as well as you can, especially when you’re in college and need it almost daily. Thanks for sharing these ideas to get it ready.

  • Drew says:

    Keeping up regular maintenance is the best way out there to keep your computer running smoothly. It can even help when something does go wrong because it most likely won’t be serious.

  • I didn’t realize that I should be shutting down my computer everyday. It makes sense that computer’s need rest too, so I will be sure to give this a try. I appreciate your information on backing up a computer. This is definitely the best thing you can do to prepare for a problem, so I want to make sure that I’m doing it correctly. Thank you for such a helpful and applicable article!

  • Joy Butler says:

    I agree that it is wise to make sure that you shut down and reboot your personal computer often to ensure that your RAM has enough memory to hold the information and files that you need. It can be frustrating for students to run out of memory storage on their computer due to the high amount of files they must store for their academic load each semester. It probably would be most beneficial to enable software updates when rebooting your computer to decrease the likelihood of your computer crashing.

  • Ben Allen says:

    I appreciate the information on how to get your computer ready for another semester in school, it was very helpful. I agree that it is important to ensure that you are getting your software maintenance and also that you are getting the right repairs on your computer. My brother is preparing to go to college and he just got a new computer, I will be sure to share this information with him.