Why an iPhone 6 Screen Repair is Better than Replacing the Device

An iPhone 6 screen repair is a great alternative to having the phone replaced. Many customers don’t want to start over with a new phone, and a repair will save you time and money.  There are cons to getting a phone repaired instead of replaced as well, if there’s more damage than originally thought the phone could require more repairs, or may not be in good enough shape to repair at all.  Taking your phone to a repair shop will help you make the right decision for your phone and your wallet.


Repair Pros:

Just because your iPhone screen cracks it doesn’t mean your phone has to be replaced! Many iPhone repairs are common on devices and can save you lots of money in the long run.  Getting your phone repaired is a great option if you can’t back up your device, want to save money, and want to keep your original phone to either continue to use or sell.

No back up needed

One of the downsides of replacing your phone is a backup is necessary in order to transfer your contact information, apps, and preferences.  While a backup doesn’t take much time, it can be tough to backup your device if your screen is already broken, rendering your phone unusable.  By having the screen repaired you won’t lose your data and will be back to using your phone after the repair is complete.

Saves money

Phones are getting smarter and more expensive each time a new version releases. While it’s fun to use the latest model, not everyone wants to replace their phone as soon as it breaks.  Repairing the screen after it cracks or shatters is a great way to save money and keep your current model.  Screen repairs usually cost under $100 and will restore your phone to perfect working order.  The cost to replace a broken phone under contract can be steep, the higher end costing full retail price.

Keep the original

It’s great to get a new phone, but only when you’re ready for one. The glass screens on iPhones are very sensitive and can break easily, especially when dropped face down. By repairing the screen you can keep your original phone and prolong the life of that model. Along with not needing to back up your device and saving money, you’ve also furthered the life of that phone to last you through your contract and to be passed on to another user after you’ve moved on to the latest model. Check out our prices for an iPhone 6 screen repair.

Repair Cons:

Unfortunately, not all phones can be repaired, or will require multiple repairs in order to be restored back to fully working order. The biggest issue with getting your phone repaired is if there’s been water damage in addition to a cracked screen.

Multiple Repairs

Sometimes a cracked screen can lead to more that just a repair. When a screen cracks or breaks the internal pieces may be damaged which can require multiple replacement parts in order to restore function. A phone may continue to function and still require more than just a screen repair, which can add to the overall cost.

Water damage

Water damage is one of the more costly repairs to correct. A cracked screen is an easy way for water to get inside the phone and cause damage to the electronics. Saltwater is an even bigger culprit for issues because the salt corrodes the metal inside, even while the phone is still functioning. Most phones with this issue have to be replaced because too many pieces would have to be repaired to restore the phone.


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  • My son recently dropped his iPhone and it shattered the screen. You mentioned that screen repairs usually cost under $100 and restores your phone to perfect working order. We thought about replacing the phone but it seems that repairing it may be a better option. Are iPhone repairman very common? I wonder if there are any in my area.

  • iTech Cellular says:

    Derek a shattered screen is the most common and almost ALWAYS worth fixing. When cell phones get 3-4 years old or later sometimes they may not be worth fixing because the newer software could be slowing the phone down to where it’s almost unusable. iPhone repairs have become more and more common and you should be able to find a local repair shop where you live. I would search and read through customer reviews in deciding who you choose to repair your phone. Any reputable place will offer you a warranty and that’s very important.

  • I’m glad you brought up one of the benefits of having your iPhone repaired is not having to back it up and move it to a new device. That process on it’s own can be a bit of an inconvenience since it puts out of a phone for a bit of time. I think it’s worth investing in some repair when needed to save you that down time and extra work of setting up a new phone.