iPhone 4 Repair

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iPhone 4 Repairs Done While You Wait!

Screen RepairMost Popular

$ 39.95

Plus Tax
  • Broken Glass
  • Broken�LCD
  • Repair Time: 45 Minutes
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LCD Replacement

$ 39.95

Plus Tax
  • Broken LCD Screen
  • Spotted Ink
  • Repair Time: 45 Minutes
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Dock Connector

$ 45

Plus Tax
  • Phone Doesn’t Charge
  • Microphone Doesn’t Work
  • Repair Time: 25 Minutes
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Battery Replacement

$ 35

Plus Tax
  • Phone Won’t Hold a Charge
  • Phone Powers Off
  • Repair Time: 20 Minutes
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High Quality OEM Parts

Unlike other repair shops, we only use the highest quality (OEM) parts.

LCD and Glass Quality

With our (OEM) parts you will not notice any brightness or clarity lost in your �LCD screen. �You will not notice any color difference in the glass. �At other repair shops the color of the new screen does not match the color of your home button, and the LCD screen is not as bright.

iPhone Screen Flush Fit with Frame

The touch screen stays flush with the bezel. At other repair shops you will notice the glass frame raised from the bezel.

iPhone Screen Should be Clean

The touch screen comes clean and does not have any smudge marks or scratches.

iTech Cellular technicians are iPhone 4 Screen repair specialists. We can diagnosis and repair your iPhone 4 fast, with friendly same-day service.

Have you broken the glass on your iPhone 4? If your iPhone 4 was dropped, stepped on, or struck hard enough to break the glass then you have come to the right place. iTech Cellular has repaired thousands of iPhones and is the most trusted iPhone repair store in New Jersey. If you are looking to�have your iPhone 4 screen repaired, charging port, home button, or even water damage fixed then look no further.

Walk-In Service Available

At iTech Cellular we pride ourselves in helping our customers, not only do you get the best price, but also the best customer service. We offer same day repair services on all iPhone models. All phones are thoroughly evaluated and tested before and after each repair.

If you are experiencing issues with your phone, do not hesitate to contact iTech Cellular to see if one of our trained professionals can�help�you. We�understand that in this busy world, we have little time for repairs and delays, which is why iTech Cellular agrees to get all of your repair needs met within the same business day that the phone is received�at either�of their locations.

iTech Cellular is one�of the most skilled, professional companies when it comes to an iPhone 4 screen repair. Not only are all of our technicians properly trained in operating and repairing the iPhone 4, but they are all equipped with the appropriate tools to handle such jobs. Regardless of what your repair needs may be, iTech Cellular will fix any software or hardware issue you are having with your iPhone. If you are unable to travel to one of our convenient locations in Bergen County, New Jersey that�s ok! Although iTech Cellular serves all of North New Jersey with stores in Ridgewood and Dumont, we also offer a convenient mail in service to have your phone fixed, without ever having to travel. (Visit our Mail-In page�for more information) Some other common repairs for the iPhone 4 that iTech Cellular fixes on a daily basis include water damage, battery replacement, home button, charging port and speaker repair.

Peace of Mind

All repairs are warrantied�for a period of 30 days. Please note accidental damages like broken glass, frame damage or any other physical damage�will not be covered under our warranty. We will do the repair for free if any fault is found in the repair performed or any manufacturer defect.

Fast Turn Around Time

Whether you are shipping your iPad, cellphone, or other mobile device to us, dropping it off, or scheduling a local pick-up and drop off service, our turnaround time is extremely fast. We understand the importance of getting the device back in the hands of your employees and partners in a timely matter. Repair time varies by the amount of devices to be fixed.


We offer free device diagnostics. If the device�is not repairable or you decide to not have your device repaired and need it shipped, there will be a�$15 fee. If you pick up from the store then there is no diagnostics charges.

Customer Service

Professional and friendly service makes dealing with iTech Cellular a pleasant experience. We can turn a bad day into a good day. iTech Cellular has a proven track record working with major companies throughout the country and many schools throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

High Quality OEM Parts

We do not use recycled LCD and parts taken from old iPhones. We only use high quality OEM �parts, tested before and after installation.

Repair Times

All iPhone and Samsung screen repairs usually take between 45-60 minutes to complete. Some repairs like water damage and soldering can take up to 3 days to complete.