All Repairs ONLY $50!

Our Service Plan Beats All The Competition!

Protection Plans For All of Your Smartphone and Tablet Needs

Protect all of your phones and tablets. It doesn’t matter if your device is over 30 days, past the manufacturer warranty, or bought from another store. We offer full protection under one plan so you don’t have to worry.

One Plan Suitable For All Types of Devices

Walk-In Service For All Your Repair Needs

One Low Monthly Price

Schedule An Appointment For Same Day Repairs

SmartphonesMost Popular

$ 5.99

Per Month

Smartphone coverage from $5.99/month with $50 deductible.

TabletsMost Popular

$ 5.99

Per Month

Tablet coverage from $5.99/month with $50 deductible.

Bundle For The Best Deal!

The more you protect, the more you save on each phone and tablet! 

$5.99/Month for the 1st item

$4.99/Month for the 2nd item

$3.99/Month for the 3rd item

$1.00 OFF your 2nd item

$2.00 OFF every additional item!

Save up to 50% off regular item pricing!

Easy Plan Changes

Upgrading in 6 months? No problem! When you get your new phone or tablet, we can easily transfer your coverage to your new device.

Liquid Damage 

Spilled coffee on your phone or dropped your tablet in the tub? No worries- your phone or tablet is covered!

Same Day Repairs 

Once your claim is approved, we can repair your phone or tablet that day when you bring it directly to our Dumont or Ridgewood, NJ locations.

Accidental & Electrical Damage 

Accidents happen and can result in broken screens and damaged components.  Safeguard your device with our comprehensive coverage.

No Hassle Claims 

Use our easy appointment scheduler to see one of our friendly technicians to get your claim moving and your device repaired quickly.

What Isn’t Covered in my Plan?

Your plan does not cover:

  • Cosmetic damage that does not affect the functionality of your device

  • Pre-existing damage

  • Intentional damage

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

5 Reasons Why You Need a Great Protection Plan:

We know it costs a lot to replace your devices if they get damaged or wear out. Cellular network providers don’t offer that nice subsidy you got when you first bought your phone.  Many people end up shelling out over $500 or more on a new device instead. Avoid breaking the bank by investing in a solid protection plan for all of your devices now and have peace of mind in case your devices get dropped, dunked, smashed, or sat on.


1. We’re Affordable

Monthly plans for smartphones and tablets (including iPhones and iPads) are just $5.99/month.

2. We’ll Replace it Fast

Smartphones and tablets are important in daily life. Our technicians repair your device fast with same day service when you bring your device to our locations in Dumont or Ridgewood New Jersey.

3. We Have Great Customer Service

We’re an American company located in New Jersey. We are available to answer your questions on your service or walk you through your policy information.

4. We’ll Get Your Claim Started in Just One Call

If a covered incident occurs, our support technicians are available to help you every step of the way.

5. You Are Not Locked In

You can cancel your plan at any time and we will never charge you a cancellation fee.